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9 febbraio 2007

Back to office after a lot of time…


10 gennaio 2007


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IMHO this is great ! Only one super-mega-government site.

Here in Italy we have lots of different public administration sites, everyone different from the other. When the Government changes, every site changes. Awful, and expensive.

And again…

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8 gennaio 2007

Back in office…

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… and my Bloglines let me notice that I’ve been away from Internet too long…

29 dicembre 2006

Maybe you don’t know…

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useless (but funny) information. By BBC News ! [Via ClubForGrowth]

27 dicembre 2006


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  • Widgetoko, lots of widgets
  • Growing up digital, an interesting study about how the web changes work, education and the way people learn
  • Wonderful ! The removable tattoo ink ! We’ve only to wait…
  • Sky can be so wonderful
  • The New Year resolution planner. Oh my God… For an Italian woman this sounds so… so… so too much organized… ! I have some resolutions, first of all changing my way of life and then (and most explensively) buying home. But I think that this form is quite unuseful for this kind of resolution. Also for all the others. IMHO
  • The 2006 Weblog Awards. I missed them, I was away for my work. Now, I have to recover lost time
  • 10 most bizzarre people on the World. Ok, I have to suggest someofficemates of mine…

25 dicembre 2006

Some links

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Well, I really love

It allows me to follow more than 500 feeds everyday in seconds, uhm… hours. But that’s my job.

So lots of my Italian language posts are about strange things I discover on my Bloglines.

For example, I posted these today:

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