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12 gennaio 2007

Surfing again and again…

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10 gennaio 2007

And again…

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8 gennaio 2007

Back in office…

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… and my Bloglines let me notice that I’ve been away from Internet too long…

30 dicembre 2006

Surfing somewhere on the net

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Directly from my bloglines:

29 dicembre 2006

I can’t believe…

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Ok, I LOVE my blackberry. But I’m not (at the moment) a crackberry.

I can switch it off or put it in silent mode.

But, please, tell me that this photo is an advertising one…

New year’s resolutions

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I hate New Year resolutions. They are useful only for making you feel frustrated at the end of the year.

But this time I have some projects. I’d like to buy an house. Here in Rome is VERY expensive. So it’s a really high goal for me. But… I’ll try.

Maybe I’ll find useful these “11 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Complete any Task in New Year“…

Well, in that post I think that the better part is the caption of the image… let’s read:

Another top ten list

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This time is about Astronomy Images.

Wonderful !

Maybe you don’t know…

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useless (but funny) information. By BBC News ! [Via ClubForGrowth]

28 dicembre 2006

Please, help me decide…

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I’m quite convinced, I’ll have my first tattoo (at 36 years old… wow…).

I’m not sure about the subject.

I was looking for a Mother Earth Celtic symbol but I can’t find something affordable for my skin (ouch…). So, these are the two alternatives:
1. (the right-side one)

What do you suggest me ?

Thank you in advance !

Oh, I have put the same post on my Italian blog, so I’m curious to compare the results…

A great test

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From BBC, find out how your mind works. You’re most feminine or masculine… ?

My results are… fifty – fifty. I think that’s normal for a female engineer, isn’t it 😉 ?

These are my thest results… Gosh… I’m a  female with 2/3 of masculin brain

27 dicembre 2006


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  • Widgetoko, lots of widgets
  • Growing up digital, an interesting study about how the web changes work, education and the way people learn
  • Wonderful ! The removable tattoo ink ! We’ve only to wait…
  • Sky can be so wonderful
  • The New Year resolution planner. Oh my God… For an Italian woman this sounds so… so… so too much organized… ! I have some resolutions, first of all changing my way of life and then (and most explensively) buying home. But I think that this form is quite unuseful for this kind of resolution. Also for all the others. IMHO
  • The 2006 Weblog Awards. I missed them, I was away for my work. Now, I have to recover lost time
  • 10 most bizzarre people on the World. Ok, I have to suggest someofficemates of mine…

Ehi, guy, are you thinking about having a child ?

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76 Things Every Man Should Know About Fatherhood

Funny sign, real problem

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26 dicembre 2006

Great !

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GPS Locator Device

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