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29 dicembre 2006

Happy birthday to meee…

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Today it’s my birthday. I’m 36 years old, now.

I start feeling old.

I’m 660Km far from my friends, in my parents’ home, with an awful mood inside of me and of them.

Not so a nice way to spend my birthday.

I hope someone over there is enjoying him/herself also for me, and this could be a wonderful birthday gift, also if it sounds strange…

Enjoy yourself, and this will be your best present for me !


New year’s resolutions

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I hate New Year resolutions. They are useful only for making you feel frustrated at the end of the year.

But this time I have some projects. I’d like to buy an house. Here in Rome is VERY expensive. So it’s a really high goal for me. But… I’ll try.

Maybe I’ll find useful these “11 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Complete any Task in New Year“…

Well, in that post I think that the better part is the caption of the image… let’s read:

28 dicembre 2006


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In this holiday season lots of us record videos. I think that this “giveaway of the day” may be very useful…

27 dicembre 2006

Some links

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Ehi, guy, are you thinking about having a child ?

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76 Things Every Man Should Know About Fatherhood

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