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27 dicembre 2006

Plasma vs LCD

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I have to admit it: I’ve never understood completely the quality differences between LCD and Plasma. I think that, for our simple human eyes, they’re quite the same.

Now, this article.

Panasonic, suggest going directly to plasma. Wow, they’re more expensive. But, they say also: “plasma’s superior contrast, color rendition, crisp motion, viewing angle and durability when compared to L.C.D. TVs.”

What should you do? Well, if you’re going for a set 40-inches or above, you’re probably going to want to go plasma—whether it makes Panasonic rich or not.

The Gizmodo team tells us that Plasma, also ifmore expensive, is better for 40″ or above. Wow, I think that my CRT it’s OK, for the moment…


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