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30 dicembre 2006

So sad

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Ok, I don’t like New Year’s resolution. But discovering that the most voted one is “to lose weight” let me feel so sad…

It arrives before “Get a new job, freelance more or start a new business” (the same I voted) and “Run a marathon/5k/10k/triathlon or get better at a certain sport.”

Well, it’s better discovering that the second is a non-resolution: “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions”. Better that than “lose weight”. Oh my God… Weight ? Is that the Problem ? Is everything else OK in your life ? Have you time to spend with your children ? Have you enough money to live in a good way ? Ok, so, I wish you to lose weight…


Surfing somewhere on the net

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Directly from my bloglines:

29 dicembre 2006

Happy birthday to meee…

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Today it’s my birthday. I’m 36 years old, now.

I start feeling old.

I’m 660Km far from my friends, in my parents’ home, with an awful mood inside of me and of them.

Not so a nice way to spend my birthday.

I hope someone over there is enjoying him/herself also for me, and this could be a wonderful birthday gift, also if it sounds strange…

Enjoy yourself, and this will be your best present for me !

I can’t believe…

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Ok, I LOVE my blackberry. But I’m not (at the moment) a crackberry.

I can switch it off or put it in silent mode.

But, please, tell me that this photo is an advertising one…

New year’s resolutions

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I hate New Year resolutions. They are useful only for making you feel frustrated at the end of the year.

But this time I have some projects. I’d like to buy an house. Here in Rome is VERY expensive. So it’s a really high goal for me. But… I’ll try.

Maybe I’ll find useful these “11 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Complete any Task in New Year“…

Well, in that post I think that the better part is the caption of the image… let’s read:

Another top ten list

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This time is about Astronomy Images.

Wonderful !

Maybe you don’t know…

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useless (but funny) information. By BBC News ! [Via ClubForGrowth]

28 dicembre 2006

Please, help me decide…

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I’m quite convinced, I’ll have my first tattoo (at 36 years old… wow…).

I’m not sure about the subject.

I was looking for a Mother Earth Celtic symbol but I can’t find something affordable for my skin (ouch…). So, these are the two alternatives:
1. (the right-side one)

What do you suggest me ?

Thank you in advance !

Oh, I have put the same post on my Italian blog, so I’m curious to compare the results…

A great test

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From BBC, find out how your mind works. You’re most feminine or masculine… ?

My results are… fifty – fifty. I think that’s normal for a female engineer, isn’t it 😉 ?

These are my thest results… Gosh… I’m a  female with 2/3 of masculin brain


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In this holiday season lots of us record videos. I think that this “giveaway of the day” may be very useful…

27 dicembre 2006

Some links

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Wow ! Great idea !

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We have to import this idea in Italy, where dining out may be VERY expensive…

Some restaurants let customers pay what they can afford or what they think the meal is worth.


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  • Widgetoko, lots of widgets
  • Growing up digital, an interesting study about how the web changes work, education and the way people learn
  • Wonderful ! The removable tattoo ink ! We’ve only to wait…
  • Sky can be so wonderful
  • The New Year resolution planner. Oh my God… For an Italian woman this sounds so… so… so too much organized… ! I have some resolutions, first of all changing my way of life and then (and most explensively) buying home. But I think that this form is quite unuseful for this kind of resolution. Also for all the others. IMHO
  • The 2006 Weblog Awards. I missed them, I was away for my work. Now, I have to recover lost time
  • 10 most bizzarre people on the World. Ok, I have to suggest someofficemates of mine…

The compact calendar

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Also in international versions

Ehi, guy, are you thinking about having a child ?

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76 Things Every Man Should Know About Fatherhood

Another list, but useful…

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Please, don’t live scared by everything !!!

The Top Ten Unfounded Health Scares of 2006

Live happier and easier, live better…

Moleskine hacks

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Tabs and others, like PigPog and 43 folders

[via Moleskinerie]

Funny sign, real problem

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Another list

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I think that the “2006 top ten list” will fall over us till January. So, stay relaxed and wait.

This is “The New York Post top 10 album 2006“. I disagree… but I’m not The New York Post

What time is it ?

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Is there anyone out of there that can teach me how to read the time on this watch… ? I think it’s nice but…

Well, I don’t like B&O. Too expensive for their usability. Ok, something is beautiful, but normally all B&O products are quite unusable. And this watch is horrible (IMHO):

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