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22 settembre 2007

I’m back

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Ok, I’m back to my English language blog. I would like to use it to improve my English, but it’s difficult to maintain one Italian blog (, and a tumblr (, so, another one and in another language… Hm… I’ll try…

On my Flickr photos of new iPod nano “opening”


9 febbraio 2007

Back to office after a lot of time…

25 gennaio 2007

Anyone will be there ?

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The Future of the web design, in London, April, 18th.

I’ll be here.


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Falling in love with Twitter

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I’m becoming addicted.

If you, that are reading this post, have twitter too, please, put it in the comments or sent to my mail 🙂

For the moment, I’m Twitting in Italian, but, if someone will leave here is twitter sign, I’ll try to post in English…

Too much to do…

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…in so a little time.

Here in my office there’s an awful mess. Peraphs it would be a little better after January, 30th. But now… Ohw… 😦

And tomorrow I’ve to go to Verona (Giuletta and Romeo city) for work, and it seems that in Northern Italy will snow. Here in Rome we have 12C degrees, so I don’t want to think at the difference…

12 gennaio 2007

Surfing again and again…

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The discovery of the day…

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I’d never heard before of “maildrop” services. In Italy we have the POBox system only, but it’s quite expensive and Post Offices require lot of time in line to take your post.

Now, I have a “little problem”: I haven’t any “smailmail” address. I’m still resident in my birthtown, Turin, but I live in Rome, and now I have a new address without the possibility to change the name on the entry phone.

I absolutely LOVE magazines, and I have the opportunity to subscribe in a cheap way to a lot of them. But where may I ask to send them ?

Google helped me, and I discovered the wonderful word (?) of the private POBox ! The Maildrops ! Great !

I’ve found the remailing services nearest to me, I’ve contacted them and… now I have only to pay the magazines subscription 🙂 Great service !!!

Maybe you can find my surprise funny, but not everywhere the maildrop system is so diffused.

Only for information

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Guantanamo is 5 years old.

11 gennaio 2007

A wonderful Gmail tip !

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Need to write a Gmail message in a while ? Have you installed the Google toolbar ? OK, so…

This is the right way ! Great !

New experiences

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Ok, may seem stupid for lot of people, but today, for the first time in 6 years (and a half), I came to work by metro.

I can’t spend 3 hours a day blocked in traffic jam on the “Rome ring” (the “Grande Raccordo Anulare”), I feel so stupid doing it. So I’ve decided and I’m trying. I have to drive for 7Km to the Metro terminal, then 15 metro stops, change metro line, 7 other metro stop, and then stairs and a little hill to climb (well, not so high). But it’s better than the awful Rome traffic jam.

I can also read. Today my first commuting-companion was Isabel Allende, with her last book (“Ines anima mia”, the Italian title). So nice having time to read again !!!

10 gennaio 2007


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IMHO this is great ! Only one super-mega-government site.

Here in Italy we have lots of different public administration sites, everyone different from the other. When the Government changes, every site changes. Awful, and expensive.

And again…

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9 gennaio 2007

Surfing again…

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8 gennaio 2007

Back in office…

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… and my Bloglines let me notice that I’ve been away from Internet too long…

30 dicembre 2006

So sad

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Ok, I don’t like New Year’s resolution. But discovering that the most voted one is “to lose weight” let me feel so sad…

It arrives before “Get a new job, freelance more or start a new business” (the same I voted) and “Run a marathon/5k/10k/triathlon or get better at a certain sport.”

Well, it’s better discovering that the second is a non-resolution: “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions”. Better that than “lose weight”. Oh my God… Weight ? Is that the Problem ? Is everything else OK in your life ? Have you time to spend with your children ? Have you enough money to live in a good way ? Ok, so, I wish you to lose weight…

Surfing somewhere on the net

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Directly from my bloglines:

29 dicembre 2006

Happy birthday to meee…

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Today it’s my birthday. I’m 36 years old, now.

I start feeling old.

I’m 660Km far from my friends, in my parents’ home, with an awful mood inside of me and of them.

Not so a nice way to spend my birthday.

I hope someone over there is enjoying him/herself also for me, and this could be a wonderful birthday gift, also if it sounds strange…

Enjoy yourself, and this will be your best present for me !

I can’t believe…

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Ok, I LOVE my blackberry. But I’m not (at the moment) a crackberry.

I can switch it off or put it in silent mode.

But, please, tell me that this photo is an advertising one…

New year’s resolutions

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I hate New Year resolutions. They are useful only for making you feel frustrated at the end of the year.

But this time I have some projects. I’d like to buy an house. Here in Rome is VERY expensive. So it’s a really high goal for me. But… I’ll try.

Maybe I’ll find useful these “11 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Complete any Task in New Year“…

Well, in that post I think that the better part is the caption of the image… let’s read:

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